LV Interconnection Study Consultation

This page has been specifically posted for the 2017 Draft for Public Comment (DPC) stage of the LV Interconnection Study, and is open to the public.

This page has been specifically posted for public comment of Electricity North West’s LV Interconnection Study, which is part of their Ofgem Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) Smart Street project.

The Electricity North West Smart Street project is a four-year £11 million project to trial active optimisation of the low voltage (LV) network. To achieve this, the company has installed a range of devices to provide visibility and control at this level.

Electricity North West has installed five distribution transformers with on load tap changers (OLTCs) in five out of the six trial areas. A number of LV capacitor banks ranging in size from 100kVAr through to 200kVAr have also been installed; these can be switched in stages. The first stage is 100kVAr followed by blocks of 50kVAr. Finally retro-fit vacuum switches have been installed into a number of link boxes which can be used to mesh LV circuits, either between distribution substations or as rings on the same network, at times when the system deems it appropriate.

The devices are controlled by a centralised system using a distribution system state estimator coupled with a volt-var control algorithm to determine the optimal running conditions every half hour, and then automatically reconfigure the network as required.

The purpose of this consultation is to determine whether the rollout of this technology across a distribution network, would have an adverse impact on the customers connected to the system, should it be implemented into business as usual. Given the ability to mesh and the addition of capacitors, Electricity North West is especially interested in the effect on fault level, but would welcome any discussion on other potential impacts of these installations.

This DPC has now closed.

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