Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings

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  • Year: 2015

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Low voltage direct current distribution of power within buildings offers advantages over the traditional mains power supply solutions for an increasing number of services.

Low and extra low voltage (LV & ELV) d.c. power distribution allows end users to avoid unnecessary power conversion steps, with potential benefits including carbon savings, energy efficiency improvements and optimisation of space utilisation in buildings. Adoption of d.c. power distribution offers an enabling infrastructure to manage the increasing numbers of direct current power devices in buildings – such as consumer electronics, building services, IT equipment, as well as solar photovoltaic and battery systems.

This Code of Practice aims to ensure the safe, effective and competent application of cabling / wiring installations for low voltage d.c. power distribution in buildings.

Coverage includes:

  • Requirements for design, specification, selection, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • Solutions for telecommunications cabling, use of existing a.c. wiring and new d.c. wiring infrastructure.
  • Recognised standards for d.c. power distribution, as well as proprietary d.c. power systems.

Book readership

The document will be useful to designers, installers and operators of low voltage d.c. power distribution in buildings – including electrical, IT and telecommunications professionals – and of interest to customers, owners and insurers of low voltage d.c. power applications.

Book contents

  • Section 1 Scope, object and fundamentals
  • Section 2 Definitions and abbreviations
  • Section 3 DC power distribution
  • Section 4 Recognised standards of d.c. power distribution over telecommunications cabling
  • Section 5 Proprietary d.c. power distribution over telecommunications cabling
  • Section 6 Proprietary d.c. power distribution over proprietary cabling
  • Section 7 Proprietary d.c. power distribution over conventional single phase a.c. power supply cabling
  • Section 8 Proprietary d.c. power distribution over conventional 3-phase a.c. power supply cabling
  • Annexes

About the Author

This authoritative and comprehensive document is being developed by a committee of key stakeholders including industry experts and technical contributors representing key user groups across the electrical, IT and telecommunications, and built environment sectors.

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