Combined lighting systems package: LED Lighting Code of Practice and Exterior

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This combined lighting systems package comprises the following guidance:

With the lighting market undergoing rapid change with technology changeover to LED lighting and intelligent lighting systems, this combined package provides end users with essential guidance.  

Learn how to take a systems-approach to LED lighting in all applications and energy efficient lighting for exterior applications.   These guides build awareness of key technology adoption issues and confidence in specifying and applying new technologies.

The Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems aims to provide confidence to users as a minimum standard for LED lighting systems installation:

  • includes lighting design, drivers, circuits, physical considerations, commissioning, inspection and maintenance.
  • coverage for retrofit of LED lighting systems across a range of applications, along with systems application checklists.
  • relevant to installers, maintainers, operators and systems managers across different applications.

The Recommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Systems provides guidance for decision making and appropriate approaches to energy efficient exterior lighting systems, including:

  • provides support to enable informed customer decisions for quality lighting schemes and specification of compliant systems.
  • Good practice recommendations for procurement, implementation and management of exterior lighting systems.
  • An online Good Practice Specification Template for energy efficient exterior lighting systems.

Book readership

The target audiences for these documents include those responsible for managing or implementing the specification, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance (and end-of-life) of both LED and exterior lighting systems. 

Book contents

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 About the Author:

These authoritative documents have been developed by the LED Lighting Systems Technical Committee and the Exterior Lighting Systems Working Group respectively, with both bodies constituted of technical experts and end-users from these domains.

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