Guide to Electrical Maintenance

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  • Year: 2015

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This Guide provides guidance on carrying out maintenance activities and using good practice techniques. It examines the operational risks, mitigations and processes that may be used in carrying out electrical maintenance, and also provides insights and philosophies to ensure that electrical maintenance activities are not only safe, but are satisfactorily planned and properly carried out.

This Guide to Electrical Maintenance has been written both as a standalone document and to work alongside other IET Standard publications. For example, The IET Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management focuses primarily on the health and safety risks related to an electrical system. This includes highlighting the need for electrical maintenance as an important activity.

The Guide also draws together key guidance from other IET inspection, safety and maintenance titles to provide a practical overview for duty holders responsible for maintaining electrical systems, electrical contractors and building service engineers.

Good maintenance regimes do not happen by accident: they need careful planning, proactive management and comprehensive reporting. The tone for good maintenance is also established beforehand by considerate design, intelligent construction and satisfactory commissioning.

A good maintenance regime also has its part to play in a more sustainable world where correctly maintained electrical systems keep operating at their maximum energy efficiency and are disposed of correctly at the end of their lifecycle.

Book readership

This Guide is aimed at electrical contractors, engineering technicians, maintenance engineers and managers, design engineers, building service engineers and duty holders responsible for electrical maintenance.

Book contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 1.1        Objective
  • 1.2        The legal requirement
  • 1.3        Requirements for electrical installations
  • 1.4        Scope of use
  • 1.5        Sustainability
  • 1.6        Definition
  • 2. Aids for good electrical maintenance
  • 2.1        Importance of system design
  • 2.2        Additional research links
  • 2.3        Importance of commissioning and documentation
  • 2.4        Correlation of the installation
  • 2.5        Maintenance records
  • 3. Importance of effective electrical maintenance
  • 3.1        Background
  • 3.2        Benefits
  • 3.3        Consequences
  • 3.4        Pattern of activity
  • 4. Key steps to electrical maintenance
  • 4.1        Background
  • 4.2        Key strategies
  • 4.3        Maintenance safety
  • 5. Evaluation of your electrical system
  • 5.1        General overall pattern of maintenance evaluation
  • 5.2        Evaluation of electrical systems
  • 5.3        Operational security considerations
  • 5.4        Monitoring of remedial activities
  • 5.5        Auditing of maintenance procedures
  • Appendix A  Checklists
  • A1   Design for maintenance checklists
  • A2  Maintenance activity checklists
  • Appendix B   Suggested maintenance activities
  • B1        Energy input to electrical systems
  • B2   General applications and circuit protection  
  • B3   Life safety systems
  • B4  Industrial and Control
  • Appendix C   Summary of relevant legislation
  • Appendix D   References
  • Index
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