Workshop - Successfully Implementing a Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Information on booking a tailored workshop based on Successfully Implementing a Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.

About this workshop

IET Standards recognises that councils might need a more tailored approach to make best use of technical guidance provided in our report Successfully Implementing a Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and in our Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation.

Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer bespoke half or full day workshops on Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure deployment and its application within councils’ strategy, planning and implementation frameworks. Bespoke workshops can be designed not only to address key priorities in sustainable transport planning and identify niches for EV schemes, but also to review specific local or regional infrastructure deployment challenges in greater depth.

The tailored workshop options include:

  • Prior review of local authority activities for discussion of optimal strategy, planning and/or implementation at event;
  • Discussion and elaboration of specific issues and preferred topics;
  • Strategy mapping/action planning session (full day workshops only);
  • EV infrastructure technical and installation issues;
  • Written output from all workshops will be provided to capture knowledge generated on the day.

Contact us

To review your requirements and book a workshop please email: ietstandardsenquiries@theiet.org