Archives Research Guide: Wireless Telegraphy

Guide to some of the sources available at the IET Archives for the study of the history and development of wireless telegraphy. It supplements the material listed in the more comprehensive guide on Telegraphy.


  • Papers of Sir William Preece, 1878-1906 - Sc Mss 022
    Notes, correspondence, pamphlets and printed material relating to wireless telegraphy.
  • Papers of Sir William Preece, 1896-1937 - NAEST 013
    Including correspondence with Marconi and others relating to Marconi's early experiments in wireless telegraphy.
  • R McVitie Weston Collection, 1920-1949 - NAEST 085
    Drawings, photographs, newspaper cuttings, reports, journals, catalogues, technical information on radio valves, magnetron, cathode ray tubes, wireless telegraphy and radio.
  • Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company Ltd - Reminiscences of Mr Roderick Marsden. - NAEST 134.
    Employee 1930-1935.
  • Wireless Telegraphy - newspaper cuttings concerning Marconi's transatlantic transmissions, 1902-03 - Sc Mss 017. Scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings and pieces from 'The Electrician' concerning Marconi's attempts at transatlantic transmissions, Maskelyne's "tapping" of Marconi's messages and the ensuing controversy.
  • Papers of Sir Henry Norman, 1902-1939 - Sc Mss 143
    The collection includes papers concerning the Marconi Company and the Marconi Scandal; early wireless; The Post Office; War Office Committee on Wireless Telegraphy; the Imperial Wireless Telegraphy Committee; the Imperial Communications Committee; the Broadcasting Committee; printed papers and newspaper cuttings of his death.

Keywords for searching the Archives online catalogue:

Marconi Guglielmo
Preece Sir William Henry
Wireless Telegraphy
Dover & Boulogne
Lodge Sir Oliver
Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company

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