Archives research guide: Electrical accidents and prevention

An informative guide to the various records available at the IET Archives relating to the development of electricity, accidents and procedures for prevention.


  • Dame Caroline Haslett's correspondence with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), 1931-1961 -NAEST 033/7/35.
    Correspondence relating to Dame Caroline's membership of RoSPA, including extracts from 'Safety News' in which Dame Caroline is featured.
  • Central Electricity Generating Board: 'On Guard' Booklet, 1960 - NAEST 045/014
    Safety and efficiency publication.
  • Central Electricity Generating Board:'Look Out' Booklet, 1962-64 - NAEST 045/016
    Safety and efficiency publication.
  • The Electricity Council: Safety Review, 1960 - NAEST 045/017
  • AEI (Manchester) Ltd: 'Accident Prevention' Booklet, 1960-64 - NAEST 045/268
  • EAW Posters on Home Safety and Efficiency - NAEST 093/11 esp. NAEST 093/11/15
    Posters printed by the EAW to advertise new domestic appliances and to inform consumers of changes to electric wiring conventions and standards and to emphasise safety in the home. Also posters involved in the campaign to have more sockets built into houses and the overall message, that electricity could make a woman's life easier.
  • 'Electric Blankets - Home Accidents' Government report, 1984 - NAEST 093A/12/2
  • Papers of Thomas Charles Gilbert, 1929-58 - NAEST 137/4 & 137/5
    Correspondence with George Newnes Ltd re: Thomas Gilbert's contribution to a book on electrical earthing and accident prevention including a draft of Gilbert's text; correspondence with The Electrical Times, The Electrical Review, The Journal of the Electrical Trades Union regarding wiring safety, earthing, earth leakage protection and lightning protection; trade literature and publications on electrical accidents and their causes and the effects of the passage of current through the human body.
  • Electrical Inspectors' files, 1931-1947 - NAEST 175/2/01-03 ( 3 files)
    Information circulated to all Electrical Inspectors.  Includes information on causes of accidents; changes to regulations; developments in electrical apparatus; administrative issues; air raid damage; accident prevention; test equipment; and meetings and conferences.
  • Papers of C.T Melling, 1945-56 - NAEST 159/03/03
    Papers from his time as Chairman of Luton and Eastern Electricity Board. Includes material relating to accidents.
  • History of Electrical Safety Inspectors, 1897-1995 - NAEST 175
    Printed information on the Factories Act 1901, papers relating to electrical inspectors and notebooks describing inspections. An image from the EAW's Electrical Living 1978 demonstrating the informative tea towles they produced

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