The Churchill Medallists

Originally created by the Society of Engineers, the Churchill Medal today recognizes a team or individual for an outstanding achievement and contribution in support of military operations.

The Churchill Medal was the Premier award of the Society of Engineers. Sir Winston Churchill gave approval for the title of the medal in November 1946 when he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Society of Engineers (see image below) and the first award was made in 1952. Originally the medal was awarded to an individual once in alternate even years in respect of an important contribution to contemporary engineering, an original engineering project or development solely conceived by the nominee and executed under their supervision, or a project or development to which the nominee had made the major engineering contribution.

Winston Churchill receiving Honorary Fellowship from the Society of Engineers, 1946.

In 2005 the Society of Engineers was absorbed by the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, now the IET. The Churchill Medal continues to be awarded today as The Joint Professional Engineering Institutions Churchill Medal and recognizes a team or individual for outstanding achievements and contributions to engineering and technical advancement in support of military operations.

Previous recipients include:

2015       Corporal Bernard Donoghue RAF
2014  UK/US Royal Signals infantry team
2013 Sergeant Kevin Cuthbert REME
2012 Captain Pip Lines REME
2011 Sgt Simon Nurse R SIGNALS
2010 Flt Lt David Ramsey RAF
2004 Neil Jenkins
1994 Professor Alan Wells
1990 Sir John Fox
1988 Ralph Tony Sarich
1986 Charles Thomas Elliott
1984 Professor William Alexander Gambling
1982 Harold John Musgrove
1980 No award made
1978 Sir John Rix
1976 Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield
1974 Frank Reginald Farmer
1972 Francis Thomas Bacon
1970 Sir Gilbert Roberts
1968 Sir Stanley George Hooker
1966 Sir Christopher Sydney Cockerell
1964 Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell
1962 Sir Geoffrey de Havilland
1960 Ernest Walter Hives, first Baron Hives
1958 Sir John Douglas Cockroft
1956 Christopher Hinton, Baron Hinton of Bankside
1954 Sir William Wallace
1952 Sir Frank Whittle

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