Methodus Geometrica 1598 by Paul Pfintzing

Methodus Geometrica is a printed hand coloured treatise on geometry and surveying published in 1598 in Nuremburg, Germany. It is held in the SP Thompson Library, part of the Rare Book Collection at the IET Archives.

Fashion in the sixteenth century

The illustrations of surveyor's reveal the fashion of the time. Elizabethan clothing for men emphasised the muscles in their legs. The hose and garter by the knee was popular for this purpose. Similarly, the waist would be highlighted by the wearing of breeches (short trousers) topped off with a fitted doublet (short tight jacket).

The wearing of the ruff, by both men and women, was popular across Europe during the Elizabethan period (1558-1603) as a symbol of high social class.

The large brimmed, feathered hat is also indicative of European fashion at the end of the sixteenth and start of the seventeenth centuries. The wearing of a hat also indicated social status- the taller the hat the more important one was.

Methodus Geometrica illustration
Methodus Geometrica Illustration