IET Premium Awards

The winners of the 2017 IET Premium (Best Paper) Awards are free to access on the IET Digital Library until August 2018.

Each year the IET awards a prize to the authors of the best paper published within the last two years in each of the IET’s journals. The winners of the 2017 IET Premium Awards are listed below and can be accessed freely on the IET Digital Library until August 2018.

2017 Electronics Letters Premium Award

Konczykowska, A., Jorge, F., Dupuy, J-Y., Riet, M., Nodjiadjim, V., Aubry, H., Adamiecki, A.: ‘ 84 GBd (168 Gbit/s) PAM-4 3.7 Vpp power DAC in InP DHBT for short reach and long haul optical networks ’, Electronics Letters, 2015, 51, (20), pp. 1591–1593

2017 Micro & Nano Letters Premium Award

Yang, X., Liu, X., Li, J., Huang, S., Song, J., Xu, W.: ‘ Directional transport of water droplets on superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface ’, Micro & Nano Letters, 2015, 10, (7), pp. 343– 346

2017 IET Biometrics Premium Award

Almaadeed, N., Aggoun, A., Amira, A.: ‘ Speaker identification using multimodal neural networks and wavelet analysis ’, IET Biometrics, 2015, 4, (1), pp. 18–28

2017 IET Communications Premium Award

Zhou, Z., Dong, M., Ota, K., Shi, R., Liu, Z., Sato, T: ‘ Game-theoretic approach to energy-efficient resource allocation in device-to-device underlay communications ’, IET Communications, 2015, 9, (3), pp. 375–385

2017 IET Computers & Digital Techniques Premium Award

Liu, Q., Xu, Z., Yuan, Y.: ‘ High throughput and secure advanced encryption standard on field programmable gate array with fine pipelining and enhanced key expansion;, IET Computers & Digital Techniques, 2015, 9, (3), pp. 175–184

2017 IET Control Theory and Applications Premium Award

Wang, J., Li, S., Yang, J., Wu, B., Li, Q.: ‘ Extended state observer-based sliding mode control for PWM-based DC–DC buck power converter systems with mismatched disturbances’, IET Control Theory and Applications, 2015, 9, (4), pp. 579–586

2017 IET Electric Power Applications Premium Award

Zhang, Y., Yang, H., Xia, B.: ‘ Model predictive torque control of induction motor drives with reduced torque ripple ’, IET Electric Power Applications, 2015, 9, (9), pp. 595–604

2017 IET Electrical Systems in Transportation Premium Award

Telford, R., Galloway, S.: ‘ Fault classification and diagnostic system for unmanned aerial vehicle electrical networks based on hidden Markov models ’, IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, 2015, 5, (3), pp. 103–111

2017 IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Premium Award

Laverty, D.M., Best, R.J., Morro, D.J.: ‘ Loss-of-mains protection system by application of phasor measurement unit technology with experimentally assessed threshold settings ’, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2015, 9, (2), pp. 146– 153

2017 IET Image Processing Premium Award

Liu, Y., Wang, Z.: ‘ Simultaneous image fusion and denoising with adaptive sparse representation ’, IET Image Processing, 2015, 9, (5), pp. 347–357

2017 IET Information Security Premium Award

Yerima, S.Y., Sezer, S., Muttik, I.: ‘ High accuracy android malware detection using ensemble learning ’, IET Information Security, 2015, 9, (6), pp. 313 – 320

2017 IET Nanobiotechnology Premium Award

Govindaraju, K., Krishnamoorthy, K., Alsagaby, S. A., Singaravelu, G., Premanathan, M. ’, IET Nanobiotechnology, 2015, 9, (6), pp. 325–330

2017 IET Networks Premium Award

Ge X. , Tu S., Han T., Li Q., Mao G.: ‘ Energy efficiency of small cell backhaul networks based on Gauss–Markov mobile models ’, IET Networks, 2015, 4, (2), pp. 158–167

2017 IET Optoelectronics Premium Award

Saha N., Ifthekhar M. S., Le N.T., Jang Y.M.: ‘ Survey on optical camera communications: challenges and opportunities’, IET Optoelectronics, 2015, 9, (5), pp. 172–183

2017 IET Power Electronics Premium Award

Merlin M. M. C., Green T. C.: ‘ Cell capacitor sizing in multilevel converters: cases of the modular multilevel converter and alternate arm converter ’, IET Power Electronics, 2015, 8, (3), pp. 350–360

2017 IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation Premium Award

Fioranelli F., Ritchie M., Griffiths H.: ‘ Centroid features for classification of armed/unarmed multiple personnel using multistatic human micro-Doppler’, IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, 2016, 10, (9), pp. 1702–1710

2017 IET Renewable Power Generation Premium Award

Alexander, A., Thathan, M.: ‘Modelling and analysis of modular multilevel converter for solar photovoltaic applications to improve power quality’, IET Renewable Power Generation, 2015, 9, (1), pp. 78–88

2017 IET Science, Measurement & Technology Premium Award

Van, M., Kang, H-J.: ‘ Bearing-fault diagnosis using non-local means algorithm and empirical mode decomposition-based feature extraction and two-stage feature selection’, IET Science, Measurement & Technology, 2015, 9, (6), pp. 671–680

2017 IET Signal Processing Premium Award

Yadav S.K., Sinha R., Bora P.K.: ‘ Electrocardiogram signal denoising using non-local wavelet transform domain filtering’, IET Signal Processing, 2015, 9, (1), pp. 88–96

2017 IET Software Premium Award

Pu F., Wang Z., Du C., Zhang W., Chen N.: ‘ Semantic integration of wireless sensor networks into open geospatial consortium sensor observation service to access and share environmental monitoring systems ’, IET Software, 2017, 10, (2), pp. 45–53

2017 IET Systems Biology Premium Award

Zimmer C., Sahle S ’, IET Systems Biology, 20.: ‘ Deterministic inference for stochastic systems using multiple shooting and a linear noise approximation for the transition probabilities 15, 9, (5), pp. 181 – 192

2017 IET Wireless Sensor Systems Premium Award

Hayes T., Ali F.H.: ‘ Location aware sensor routing protocol for mobile wireless sensor networks, IET Wireless Sensor Systems’, 2016, 6, (2), pp. 49–57