Vol 48, No 16, 02 August 2012

  • Darlington-pair gate-pumped mixer chip

    mm waves in the mix

    New compact millimetre-wave mixers save significant power.

  • Prototype TEG

    Flexible power

    Flexible, simple-to-make thermoelectric generator for continuous on-body power supply.

  • Youngje Sung

    Interview with Youngje Sung

    Professor Youngje Sung from Kyonggi University in Korea talks about the research behind his Letter Compact quad-band reconfigurable antenna for mobile-phone applications.

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  • Semiconductor laser setup

    On the pulse train

    Researchers in Finland have demonstrated that a combination of a 1.57 µm semiconductor disk laser operating at room temperature and an Er/Yb-doped fibre amplifier is capable of producing a 4.5 W output of a stable 1.6 GHz, 15.5 ps pulse train. The results open the technology to applications in broadband WDM telecommunications, optical sensing and metrology.

  • Flexible antenna

    Body weaving

    Wearable antennas and systems represent an emerging topic in several fields, from rescue operations to healthcare applications.  Now, collaborating researchers in Italy and Belgium have demonstrated the first use of SIW technology in textile antennas, which provides better performance of the antenna, especially in on-body operation conditions.

  • MOSFET performance

    Guard trench

    A deep oxide trench structure with a p-pillar guard ring has been proposed as a high voltage termination for super-junction MOSFETs by researchers in China. Their structure can obtain intrinsic super-junction breakdown regardless of epilayer doping concentration, and is especially attractive for integrated power IC processes.

  • Illustration of hot spots on a chip

    Multiple monitoring

    A low-voltage all-CMOS scattered thermal monitoring architecture front-end in a 0.5 μm process is presented in work from the US. MOSFET diodes replace BJT devices for a lower, scalable supply voltage. Multiple error correction techniques are used to reduce offset and mismatch errors. Sensor nodes are distributed across the chip to perform multi-location thermal monitoring, useful for highly integrated digital chips like multi-core CPUs.

  • Time switching array illustration

    Time to switch

    The concept of a time-modulated reflector array (TMRA), a reflector array controlled by time-switching, is introduced in work from the UK. A time-switched reflector array offers the potential to provide an antenna system with electronic, adaptive beamforming functions at reduced cost for applications including communications and low-cost radar systems.

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