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21 May 2012

SEM image of the pin diode

GaN-based pin diodes for microwave switching IC applications
Electron. Lett. -- 24 May 2012 -- Volume 48, Issue 11, p.650–652

J.G. Yang (1) and K. Yang (1)
(1) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

GaN-based pin diodes were fabricated and characterised for microwave switching IC applications. The fabricated GaN pin diode with a p-metal diameter of 50 µm demonstrated a 3.8 V turn-on voltage, a 370 V breakdown voltage and a power figure of merit value of 178.5 MW/cm2 with an on-state resistance of 29 Ω and an off-state capacitance of 47 fF. To the authors' best knowledge, this result is the first RF characterisation of the GaN pin diode for microwave IC applications.

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