Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems - REIS 2013

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  • Book title: Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems - REIS 2013

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  • Year: 2013

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Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems (REIS) is a four day course presented by expert lecturers who have worked on railway systems around the world. The course addressed complex areas of the design and integration of electrification systems within major projects for new and upgrades of: DC and AC mainline, suburban, metro and tram systems.

It specifically addressed system interfaces including electrification, signalling, communications, and traction vehicles. Design tools including system integration, project management and project delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects will be examined. The complex areas of electromagnetic compatibility stray current, permanent way and civil interfaces were also addressed.

Themes and activities

REIS 2013 followed the following daily themes:

  • Day 1: Requirements and constraints/benefits and needs of the railway infrastructure
  • Day 2: Electrification infrastructure design
  • Day 3: System interfaces and integration
  • Day 4: Energy efficiency and innovation