Electric Traction Systems

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  • Year: 2010

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This book  provides  information from the basic to the the advanced on railway electric traction systems and is the vital companion piece to the IET’s five day course on the same topic.

Electric traction systems for railways are changing very rapidly as a result of advances in materials, power electronics and computer systems. It is vital for engineers to maintain their
awareness of current practice and knowledge of theory whilst, at the same time, keeping abreast of new technological developments.

The Electric Traction Systems course is aimed at:
• young engineers entering the profession – for introduction and explanation
• practising engineers in traction and related fields – for update and refreshment
• senior managers – for review of advancing technology in the industry

The lectures present a wide range of topics covering technical fields, processes and managerial issues relevant to railway electric traction systems. The objectives are to:
• demonstrate the underlying principles of state of the art traction and auxiliary systems
• review earlier types of traction equipment still in widespread use
• show how computer modelling is used to aid system design
• stress the importance of good design and testing to ensure high levels of reliability
• consider the interfaces with the electrical supply equipment and signalling systems
• highlight the important roles of commissioning and maintenance
• present practical examples of electric traction system implementation
• outline the purpose and techniques of risk assessment
• ensure international practices are included by featuring several speakers from outside the UK

The duration of the course is five days. There are 21 technical presentations including a case study

The programme is divided into five basic themes:-
• fundamentals
• drives
• systems
• interfaces
• implementation

The bound copy of the course book complements the lectures by providing a permanent reference source covering the topics in greater depth.

This course should not be considered in isolation. The Institution of Engineering Technology also runs two other Professional Development courses on Railway Signalling and Control
Systems and Railway Electrical Infrastructure Systems. For further information about these or other Railway Technical and Professional Network events, please check the IET website at www.theiet.org or visit the course website at www.theiet.org.ets.

Robin Smith
ETS2010 Organising Committee