39th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2013

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  • Book title: 39th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) 2013

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  • Year: 2013

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The 39th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication was the largest optical communication event in Europe for 2013 and provided a forum for new results and developments.  The four day call for papers conference featured over 600 peer-reviewed, invited papers and tutorials on various aspects of optical communications.  

The conference broadly covered six technical topics which include fibres, fibre devices and amplifiers, waveguide and optoelectronic devices, subsystems for optical networks and datacoms, point-to-point transmission systems, optical transport and large scale data networks and access, local area and intra-data centre networks.

Individual sessions focussed specifically on:

  • Access Subsystems
  • Advances in Optical Fibres
  • Beyond WDM
  • Coding & FEC
  • Coherent Access
  • Coherent Subsystems
  • Coherent Systems Modelling
  • Compensation for Nonlinear Effects
  • Components for Access
  • Control Plane & PCE
  • Data Centre Networking
  • Devices for Optical Processing
  • Devices for Switching
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • DSP Algorithms
  • Elastic Networks: Control Plane
  • Elastic Optical Networking
  • Few Mode Fibres & Space Division Multiplexing
  • Fibre Amplifiers for SDM
  • Field Trials and Experiments
  • Flex Grid Networks
  • Flexible Access
  • High Availability Access
  • High Speed Access Technologies
  • Hybrid Fibre Wireless
  • Infrared Materials and Applications
  • Integrated Devices
  • Integrated Devices
  • Interconnecting Data Centres
  • Interconnects
  • Lasers
  • Metrology
  • Modulation Formats
  • Modulators
  • Modulators and Detectors
  • Network Planning and Energy Efficiency
  • Nonlinear Fibre Capacity
  • Nonlinearity in fibres
  • Optical Packet/Burst Switching
  • Optical Signal Processing
  • Phase Sensitive Signal Processing
  • Photonic Integration Technologies
  • Photonic Node Architecture
  • Receivers
  • SDM Signal Processing
  • Short Range Systems
  • Software Defined Networking and Multilayer Networking
  • Space Division Multiplexing
  • Spectrally Shaped Transmission Subsystems
  • Spectrum Allocation and Defragmentation
  • Subsystems for SDM
  • Transmitter Subsystems
  • Transmitter Subsystems
  • Undersea Systems

In addition, tutorial sessions looked closely at the areas of highly integrated monolithic photonic integrated circuits, glasses for infrared fibre applications, status and recent advances on forward error correction technologies for lightwave systems, spatial multiplexing: the next frontier in network capacity scaling, solving routing and spectrum allocation related optimisation problems, advancements in data-centre networking and the importance of optical interconnections.