CIRED works for the purpose of increasing the business relevant competencies, skills and knowledge of those who see themselves as a part of the electricity distribution community.

CIRED is dedicated to the design, construction and operation of public distribution systems and of large installations using electrical energy in industry, services and transport.

CIRED covers:

  • the whole field of Electricity Distribution Systems and associated services, including dispersed and embedded generation issues
  • the technical aspects of Electricity Supply
  • related aspects such as cost reduction, environment, regulation, organisation and related IT systems.

Three full days of technical presentations and discussions covering the very latest challenges and issues facing electricity distribution today and in the future:

Session 1: Network Components

Session 2: Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Session 3: Operation, Control and Protection

Session 4: Distributed Energy Resources and Efficient Utilisation of Electricity

Session 5: Planning of Power Distribution Systems

Session 6: Electricity Market Place and Impact of Regulation


  • Enhanced main sessions with extended presentations of papers by selected authors
  • Internationally recognised keynote speakers of the distribution industry
  • Lively panel discussions and round-tables with the industry’s current experts
  • Structured and attractive poster sessions with pre-arranged guided tours, your opportunity for in-depth discussion with every author
  • A major and up-to-date international industry exhibition, your chance to get a view of the technology of the future
  • A Research and Innovation Forum (RIF), your first chance to hear and discuss what could affect your industry’s future

This exciting programme was completed with:

  • Pre-conference tutorial sessions to update knowledge on the industry’s latest developments
  • A selected program of stimulating technical visits