The 9th International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission 2010

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  • Book title: The 9th International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission 2010

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  • Year: 2010

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This two day conference, and resulting proceedings, features 58 peer reviewed technical papers on AC and DC power transmission. The papers will be of interest to system owners and operators, regulators, consultants, academics and equipment suppliers.

The papers are presented under the following technical topics: System performance and planning, FACTS and series compensation, HVDC Projects and Technology, Offshore Renewables, Voltage Sourced Converter Technology, Offshore and multi terminal grids and posters.

About the conference:

ACDC is a long established and highly respected international conference  on AC and DC power transmission.

ACDC power transmission technologies and projects have been gathering pace, structure and importance for the power sector. There have been many developments in new technologies, which can bring benefits to asset managers and system operators, particularly with regards to high voltage transmission – be they through offshore generation increase or vast distance transmission requirements of growing economies such as India and China and improvements in the reliability and efficiency of aging grid systems such as those in the UK and US.

There have also been changes in the marketplace, with further de-regulation and the growth of merchant transmission schemes. The wider implementation of renewable technologies is having an increasing impact on network development. Furthermore, new challenges are arising from environmental, regulatory, political and social factors, which impact on the development of transmission networks.

The conference provides attendees with information on the latest advances in HVDC and HVAC technologies, including FACTS devices, and worldwide AC DC projects.

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