Scope: Very small aperture terminals (VSATs) enable satellite transmission to provide data, voice and video communications directly to the user's premises. Networks using VSATs can be set up or changed rapidly in response to varying demands and as such look set to figure highly in the communications of the next century. In this long-awaited book, Everett collects 28 major contributions to describe the key technology, representative leading systems, technical issues and also consider the economics and regulations.

Book readership

Telecommunications engineers and managers; practising engineers and postgraduate students in electrical and electronics engineering.


Professional/postgraduate, technical research and reference.

Book contents

Antennas for VSATs; Semiconductor devices; Downconverters; Modems and codecs; Multi-access protocols and software; System design; Policing networks; Existing systems; Data broadcasting for TV; Satellite-based messaging; Military ground terminals; Link budgets; Developmental communications; International applications; Economic considerations; Developments in VSAT regulation; The future; Appendices; Index.


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