Scope: This book has been written to provide a comprehensive introduction to the science, sensors and systems that form modern aviation weather surveillance systems. Focusing on radar-based surveillance, it deals in logical, stepwise detail with the fundamentals of the various disciplines involved and with their complex interplay. This includes giving a background to aviation systems and control, atmospheric and meteorological aspects, weather issues in relation to aviation, and broad coverage of modern aviation weather surveillance and information systems, including detailed material on Doppler weather radar, plus new generation atmospheric sensors.

Book review

" Aviation weather surveillance systems is an impressive achievement and is an important part of the armamentarium of not only personnel directly handling aviation meteorological functions, but also of pilots, air traffic controllers, airline managers, civil aviation system planners and regulators, accident investigators and indeed anyone with a serious interest in aviation. Beautifully printed and illustrated with figures, tables and graphs and colour plates, the material provided by the author will ensure that those needing information on all of the important scientific and technological aspects of the aviation weather surveillance problems, will readily locate it in this volume."

Current Engineering Practice, Vol. 43, Nos. 2-3, 2000.

Book readership

Civil and military aviation professionals; electronic engineers especially those working in radar; meteorologists; pilots and flight crew.


Graduate; professional; reference.

Book contents

1. Introduction; 2: Basic background to aviation; 3: Atmospheric effects on aviation; 4: Origins of harmful atmospheric effects on aircraft; 5: Requirements of systems for aviation weather surveillance; 6: The Doppler weather radar; 7: Modern Doppler weather radars for aviation; 8: Other sensors and systems for aviation weather; 9: Integrated system approaches; 10: Automatic detection and tracking of hazardous weather; 11: Atmospheric turbulence and its detection; 12: Lightning and aviation; 13: Polarisation and diversity radars; Bibliography; Index.


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