Structural Control and Fault Detection of Wind Turbine Systems

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  • Book title: Structural Control and Fault Detection of Wind Turbine Systems

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  • Year: 2018

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With the rapid growth of wind energy worldwide, challenges in the operation and control of wind turbine systems are becoming increasingly important. These affect all parts of the system, and require an integrated approach to optimize safety, cost, integrity and survivability of the system, while retaining the desired performance quality.

This book conveys up to date theoretical and practical techniques applicable to the control of wind turbine systems. Topics covered include wave loads on monopole-supported offshore wind turbines; numerical and experimental tools for small wind turbine load analysis; structural control concepts for load reduction of offshore wind turbines; towards farm-level health management of wind turbine systems; data-based approaches to the monitoring of wind turbines; fault diagnostics for electrically operated pitch systems in offshore wind turbines; an emulator prototype design for vibration control of magnetic bearings for wind turbine power generator shafts; condition monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbine power trains; and robust fuzzy fault tolerant control wind energy systems subject to actuator and sensor faults.

About the Editor

Hamid Reza Karimi is a professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He earned his Ph.D. in control systems engineering at the University of Tehran. Ensuing research positions included that of senior research fellow with the Centre for Industrial Mathematics, University of Bremen and professor of mechatronic control systems at the University of Agder, Norway.

Prof. Karimi’s research interests are in the areas of control systems and mechatronics with applications to automotive control systems and wind energy. His numerous publications on both theory and applications, have received more than 10000 citations with h-index 50 in Google Scholar so far, and he has been selected as Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher in 2016 and 2017. He serves as Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Member of several international journals, and on various committees relevant to his research area. Professor Karimi has won a number of national and international awards, including the JSPS Research Award (Japan), the Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Award (Germany) and the August-Wilhelm-Scheer Award (Germany).

Book readership

This book is aimed at researchers, engineers in mechatronics and control and mechanical engineering, mathematicians and physicists working on dynamic systems.

It is also for practitioners working on wind turbine systems and advanced students studying related subjects.

Book contents

This information is provisional and will be updated prior to publication

Chapter 1: Wave loads on monopole-supported Offshore Wind Turbines: current methods and future challenges- E. Marino, C. Lugni, A. Mockute

Chapter 2: Numerical and experimental tools for small wind turbine load analysis- Karczewski Maciej, Sobczak Krzysztof, Lipian Michal, Jozwik Krzysztof

Chapter 3: Structural Control Concept for Load Reduction of Offshore Wind Turbines- Yulin Si, Dahai Zhang, Hamid Reza Karimi

Chapter 4: Advanced Control of Wind Turbine System- Fanzhong Meng, Jan Wenske, Mohsen Neshati, Arne Bartschat

Chapter 5: Towards farm-level health management of wind turbine systems: status and scope for improvements- Surya Teja Kandukuri, Kjell G. Robbersmyr, Hamid Reza Karimi

Chapter 6: Monitoring of Wind Turbine: Data-based approaches- Guang Wang, Shen Yin, Hamid Reza Karimi

Chapter 7: Fault Diagnostics for Electrically Operated Pitch Systems in Offshore Wind Turbines- Surya Teja Kandukuri, Van Khang Huynh, Hamid Reza Karimi, Kjell Gunnar Robbersmyr

Chapter 8: Magnetic bearing for wind turbine power generator shaft: an emulator prototype design for vibration control- F. Palacios-Quinonero, L. Acho, J.M. Rossell, H. R. Karimi

Chapter 9: Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Wind Turbine Power Train- Steven Chatterton and Paolo Pennacchi

Chapter 10: Robust Fuzzy Fault Tolerant Control Wind Energy System Subject to Actuator and Sensor Faults- A. Aitouche, E. Kamal, M. Kharrat

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