Scope: A properly co-ordinated protection system is vital to ensure that an electricity distribution network can operate within preset requirements for safety for individual items of equipment, staff and public, and the network overall. Suitable and reliable equipment should be installed on all circuits and electrical equipment and to do this, protective relays are used to initiate the isolation of faulted sections of a network in order to maintain supplies elsewhere on the system. This then leads to an improved electricity service with better continuity and quality of supply.

Written by two practising electrical engineers, this second edition of the best selling Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks (IEE, 1998) offers both practical and theoretical coverage of the technologies, from the classical electromechanical relays to the new numerical types which protect equipment on networks and in electrical plant.

About the authors: Dr Juan Gers has been Vice-Minister for Mines and Energy for Colombia, and has also co-operated with Basler Electric as applications engineer for the Latin American region. A Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and a Chartered Engineer, he has been a lecturer at the University of Valle since 1981, and the author/co-author of over 30 technical papers.

Ted Holmes joined the Central Electricity Generating Board, first commissioning power stations and 132 kV substations in eastern England, co-ordination of protection in substations and power stations in SW England. In 1969 he moved to the Midlands Electricity Board he took responsibility for the planning of the Board’s primary networks. In 1987 he took early retirement and worked as a freelance consultant to lecture on power distribution systems all over the world. A Fellow of the IEE and a Chartered Engineer, he is co-author of the IEE book Electricity Distribution Network Design.

Book review

"...the authors present a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical information with insightful depth to make this book useful to practicing power engineers as well as a text for graduate courses in power engineering."

"...definitely a worthwhile book if you work with power distribution components, especially protection relaying." John J. Shea, Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol.21, No.2, March/April 2005

Book readership

Students, lecturers and electrical engineers.


Students and lecturers specialising in electrical power engineering and electrical engineers of utilities and consulting firms engaged in electricity distribution, especially those involved in designing protection schemes and the settings, testing and commissioning of protection relays.

Book contents

Calculation of Short-Circuit Currents. Classification and Function of Relays. Current and Voltage Transformers. Overcurrent Protection. Fuses, Reclosers and Sectionalisers. Directional Overcurrent Relays. Differential Protection. Distance Protection, Protection of Industrial Systems. Industrial Plant Load Shedding. Protection Schemes and Substation Design Diagrams. Processing Alarms. Installation, Testing and Maintenance of Protection Systems.



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