Scope: Based on the latest of this successful series of IEE Vacation Schools, this fully revised and updated book aims to provide a sound appreciation of present day HV transmission equipment design and testing techniques. Within the book there is coverage of all the key components of HV power systems, together with HV transmission and distribution, commercial considerations and testing, measurement and accreditation. It is ideal for graduates and engineers entering the high voltage field, or practising engineers wishing to extend the breadth of their knowledge of this area.

Book review

"A fascinating read, the book should equally interest and satisfy engineering students, lecturers, new graduates entering the high voltage field, practising electrical and power system engineers in industry, researchers and anyone wishing to extend their knowledge in this area. Well written, well illustrated, and with numerous references, the book covers almost all topics of current interest in high-voltage engineering. 

It presents a vast amount of relevant data and information and details of design and testing techniques and of testing and measuring equipment. The book seems to have captured, as it were, the excitement and technical romance of high voltage engineering in order that engineers may be tempted to take up high-voltage engineering as a career, so that work by way of research, development and industrial testing of equipment and of high voltage power systems will go ahead in a planned and consolidated manner for the future. 

In short, the book is an important and timely call for action recommended." Current Engineering Practice

"This text would be ideal as a reference for power engineers, power systems engineers, component designers, and those wanting to learn about HV engineering, especially as a graduate course in HV engineering." IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

Book readership

Electrical and power system engineers; researchers; advanced level students.


Professional; postgraduate; reference.

Book contents

Electric power transmission and HV distribution systems; HVDC and power electronic systems; Insulation systems; Transmission systems; Overhead lines; High voltage cables; High voltage bushings; Substation design; Intelligent monitoring systems; Life management of electrical equipment; Switchgear fundamentals; Transmission switchgear design, development and service; Distribution switchgear design, development and service; 

Application of high power testing and measurement technology; Design of high voltage power transformers; Transformer user requirements, specifications and testing; Fundamental aspects of air breakdown; Basic measuring and testing techniques; Digital measurements: implications for new international standards and procedures; High voltage laboratory techniques

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