Scope: Following the success of Volume 1, which covered short-wave broadcasting through to the end of the Cold War, this new book covers the many and varied developments that have taken place since then, set in the context of the political changes that have taken place. 

Propaganda broadcasting on the shortwaves is now widely recognised as an overt strategy in conflict but is also publicly credited with having played a major role in 'winning' the Cold War. It is now being used within differing political and cultural strategies and the book covers developments across the world and in domains such as religious broadcasting. Meanwhile transmitter power and technology continue to increase, and dramatic changes occur within the broadcast industry itself.

Book review

"International shortwave broadcasting is a fascinating subject and the author is to be commended on his effort. This historical reference work is well worth the price and makes a terrific read. It should be in the library of anyone with an interest in shortwave broadcasting." The NASWA Journal, Volume XLI, Number 7, July 2001.

Book readership

Historians of science, technology and media/communications; electrical and electronic engineers; media studies.


Reference; professional.

Book contents

1: International broadcasting in the HF spectrum; 2: Analysis of SW sales 1950-97; 3: Listening audiences and broadcasting output; 4: Projecting foreign policy, propaganda, beliefs and objectives; 5: Structure of US international broadcasting; 6: BBC World Service; 7: Deutsche Welle; 8: Radio France International; 9: Voice of America; 

10: Radio Canada International; 11: Swiss Radio International; 12: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep; 13: The former Soviet Union; 14: The Balkan region; 15: RFE/RL comes out of the cold; 16: Restructuring US governmental broadcasting; 17: The Arab-Islamic world; 18: Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and Iran; 19: China and SE Asia; 

20: Radio Australia; 21: US religious / commercial broadcasters; 22: The broadcast transmitter industry; 23: Company profiles; 24: Steerable 500kW rated curtain antenna arrays; 25: Profile of the tube manufacturing industry; 26: The future is digital; 27: The future for international broadcasting; Appendices; Index.

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