Energy Storage for Power Systems

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  • Year: 1994

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  • ISBN: 978-0-86341-264-6

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The supply of energy from primary sources is not constant and rarely matches the pattern of demand from consumers, and electricity itself is difficult to store in significant quantities. Secondary storage of energy is therefore required both for more efficient use of existing generation capacity and to allow more substantial use of renewable energy sources that tend to provide energy only intermittently. Lack of effective storage has often been cited as a major hurdle to substantial introduction of renewable energy sources into the electricity supply network.

The author presents here a comprehensive guide to the different types of storage available. He not only shows how use of the various types of storage can benefit the management of a power supply system but extends this to consider more substantial possibilities that arise from integrating a combination of different storage devices into a system. His book will therefore be important to those seeking to develop environmentally sound energy resources.

Book readership

Electrical engineers, power engineers, managers and students of energy sources (including renewables), energy economics and resource management.

Book contents

Introduction; 1: Trends in power system development; 2: Energy storage as a structural unit of a power system; 3: Storage applications; 4: Thermal energy; 5: Flywheels; 6: Pumped hydro; 7: Compressed air; 8: Hydrogen and other synthetic fuels; 9: Electrochemical energy; 10: Capacitor banks; 11: Superconducting magnetic energy; 12: Considerations on the choice of a storage system; 13: Integration; 14: Effect on transient regimes; 15: Optimising regimes for storage; Conclusion; Index.

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