Complex Space Source Theory of Spatially Localized Electromagnetic Waves

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  • Year: 2013

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This book begins with an essential background discussion of the many applications and drawbacks for paraxial beams, which is required in the treatment of the complex space theory of spatially localized electromagnetic waves.

The author highlights that there is a need obtain exact full-wave solutions that reduce to the paraxial beams in the appropriate limit. Complex Space Source Theory of Spatially Localized Electromagnetic Waves treats the exact full-wave generalizations of all the basic types of paraxial beam solutions. These are developed by the use of Fourier and Bessel transform techniques and the complex space source theory of spatially localized electromagnetic waves is integrated as a branch of Fourier optics.

Two major steps in the theory are described as: 1) the systematic derivation of the appropriate virtual source in the complex space that produces the required full wave from the paraxial beam solution and 2) the determination of the actual secondary source in the physical space that is equivalent to the virtual source in the complex space.  

  • Introduces and carefully explains original analytical techniques
  • Includes a treatment of partially coherent and partially incoherent waves
  • Provides treatment of the newly developing area of Airy beams and waves
  • Develops complex space source theory as a branch of Fourier Optics

About the author

S. R. Seshadri is an independent researcher working for the past 15 years in the area of physical optics, small antennas, and mathematical methods in electromagnetic theory. During this period, he has authored approximately 30 journal papers, 20 professional conference presentations, 50 manuscript reviews for professional journals and presented numerous lectures in Japanese universities.

Book readership

The book will be of interest to graduate students in applied physics, electrical engineering and applied mathematics, teachers and researchers in the area of electromagnetic wave propagation and specialists in mathematical methods in electromagnetic theory.


Book contents

Book contents

  • Fundamental Gaussian beam
  • Fundamental Gaussian wave
  • Origin of point current source in complex space
  • Basic full Gaussian wave
  • Complex source point theory
  • Extended full Gaussian wave
  • Cylindrically symmetric transverse magnetic full Gaussian wave
  • Two higher order full Gaussian waves
  • Basic full complex-argument Laguerre-Gauss wave
  • Basic full real-argument Laguerre-Gauss wave
  • Basic full complex-argument Hermite-Gauss wave
  • Basic full real-argument Hermite-Gauss wave
  • Basic full modified Bessel-Gauss wave
  • Partially coherent and partially incoherent full Gaussian wave
  • Airy beams and waves
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