Scope: This is a translation of a successful German text Hochfrequenztechnik (published by Expert Verlag), originally based on an advanced professional training course given at the Technical Academy of Esslingen.

The book will be of value to students - from senior undergraduates upwards - in electronics specialising in RF/HF, to practising engineers involved in HF work, and will also be of keen interest to the burgeoning amateur RF community. It covers the basic principles of HF semiconductor electronics, through specific examples in circuit development and modern measurement technology, along with consideration of the influence of the computer in switching technology.

Book readership

Electrical and electronic engineers, in all environments.

Book contents

Specific high frequency semiconductor devices; High frequency transmission lines; Strip lines; Scattering parameters and reflection coefficients; HF circuits with power transistors; CAD of HF circuits; CAD and optimisation; HF receivers; Matching problems.

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