Become a referee

Are you interested in becoming a referee for an IET journal? If you are an active researcher in a relevant field we would like to hear from you.

Referee IFA  
What it involves

On receiving a new submission to a journal, the Editors will select and invite referees that are experts in the same subject area. The referees will be asked to assess the work for novelty and quality, as well as its relevance to the journal. They will be asked to provide an objective, constructive and confidential assessment of the material sent to them and to make a recommendation as to whether to accept, reject or make changes. The journal’s Editors will then make a decision on whether to publish the article based on the comments and recommendations received from the referees. In most cases as part of the decision process, the referees’ comments will be passed to the author anonymously.  

Why do it?

Being a referee does require a certain investment of time, but it is also a rewarding activity. It gives you a chance to ensure the quality of the scientific publishing process is maintained; read new research before it is published; to help other researchers improve the quality and impact of their work; and to reciprocate the work that referees on your own authored papers have undertaken.

Being a referee is an important role for researchers to advance their career and undertaking this activity can increase your reputation with key figures in the research community and increase your chances of, for example, being asked to join an Editorial Board. 

How to register your interest

Send us an email with a CV or details of your interests, research experience and current position; and please also state which of our journals you are interested in becoming a referee for. Once we have considered your email we will be in touch.

Referee guides

Please take a look at one of our referee guides on the IET Digital Library further information on what it means to be a referee for the IET. You can find the relevant guide on each journal's web page under the "About" tab. View all journals on the IET Digital Library here.