Book publishing FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions on our books publishing programme.

As an author you may have some questions about the publishing process – and you are not alone. Here are answers for some of the questions that we are asked most often.

Do you do a peer-review of the manuscript?

We do a peer review of the initial proposal so you can get feedback from peers in your field but we do rely on you as experts to submit a scientifically sound manuscript. You may want to organise peer reviews of drafts of your chapters before you submit the manuscript to us

How much does if cost to publish with the IET?

Publishing a book with the IET is free of charge.

Does the IET provide templates and style files for preparing the manuscript?

Yes, we will email these to you when you sign your contract, or email us at author_support@theiet.org to request copies

Can I make recommendations for the cover of my book?

The IET will give you a couple of suggestions for the main graphic on the cover which you will be able to choose from. Our designers will then work on the artwork.

How do I submit the figures/graphics for the manuscript?

Illustrations – photographs, line drawings, etc. – should be submitted in digital form (min size). For detailed information about file formats, resolution, figure sizing, etc., see our Style Guide

Can I submit supplementary files to be included with the e-book?

Yes, we will make these available along with the eBook on IET Digital Library. Please let us know in advance what you plan to submit.

Can I reuse parts/chapters of my books for conferences, journal articles, reports, etc.?

Yes, you are free to use extracts from your book for non-commercial professional purposes such as lectures and conference presentations. Additionally, we will grant permission for you to reuse extracts in future publications – but please email us to ask for this permission. If you reuse extracts, please cite the book as the source in the new publication.

Am I entitled to an author discount on my own book / other IET books?

Yes – please check your contract for the discounts available to you as an IET author. Generally you can buy further copies of your book at a 33% discount, although we may offer a higher discount if you want to make a bulk (10+ copies) purchase. You can also buy any of our other books at a 25% discount. Please email your order to sales@theiet.org and mention that you are an IET author.

What is an eBook and where are they sold?

An “eBook” is an electronic version of your book. All of our books are available in electronic form as well as in print, and you will receive royalties for both formats.
Many ebook formats are available but we use the most popular – a standard, non-DRM, PDF – on our IET Digital Library platform (link), where our ebooks are sold as a full ebook, as individual chapters, and as part of larger collections.
As well as selling via our own platform, we have partnered with other ebook sellers to make our ebooks available on Dawson, EBL, eBooks.com, ebrary, EBSCO eBooks, Gardners, Google books , MyILibrary, ProQuest and Summon. Some of our books are also available on Knovel and Kindle.

How do I request permissions to reuse copyrighted material in my manuscript?

See our permissions guide.

Who should I contact about corrections to errors in my manuscript? Will you make corrections online/at reprint stage?

You will be able to make error corrections at the proof stage of the production process. Once the book is published we will make further corrections at the next reprint – please send us your errata list after publication.

Will my book go out of print?

Your book will be permanently available on IET Digital Library in ebook format. Our books tend to have a long sales life, and although sales tail off after the first few years we have many titles that still sell a handful of copies a year more than a decade after publication. So for the print version our policy is to avoid taking books out of print where possible, and to continue to stock small levels to meet demand. In the future we aim to move to print-on-demand so that all of our books are permanently available in print. Of course the best way to avoid your book going out of print is to write a new edition! 

Where can I find information about publishing in an IET journal?

Please visit our journals pages. You can see the full range of our journals on the IET Digital Library. 

Does the IET provide copy editing and English language support?

Manuscripts accepted for publication will be checked by our copy editors for spelling, grammar, consistency and formal style, but we do not rewrite them into natural English.

The IET has partnered with Editage to provide editorial services to authors submitting to IET books. Prior to submitting your manuscript, you may wish to have it edited for correct use of English, particularly if English is not your first language. This is not compulsory.  If you would like information on the language editing facility offered by Editage, an independent editorial service, please visit their IET microsite where you will receive a 15% discount on the services available. There are a large number of language-editing services available and you would be free to use any of these. Note that authors are liable for all costs associated with language editing and IET does not accept any responsibility for the level of service provided.