Permissions, royalties and piracy issues

This page contains important information on permissions and how to obtain them, how we pay royalties and piracy and copyright policies.

Royalties IFA  
If you want to use a figure in your chapter/book that has already been published elsewhere then you must:

  • Obtain written permission from the copyright holder of the figure (usually the publisher) to use the figure.
  • Cite the source in the caption of the figure.
  • Send the written permission to us when you submit your chapter

Please note: we cannot publish a figure from elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder. Note also that this applies equally to images found on the Internet – you will need to find the copyright owner and get their permission to use it.

If you are in doubt whether you have permission to use a figure then the simplest solution is usually to create an original figure yourself to replace it.

You can request permission using our permissions request form.

Obtaining permissions from other STM publishers

Seeking permissions from most STM publishers is relatively easy. The STM Permissions Guidelines give details of the publishers who have signed up to these guidelines, and explains exactly what each publisher requires. Publishers who have signed up to these guidelines will give you permission without charge. Some will do it without you having to ask them, while some still require you to ask.

Please note that the IEEE and ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) have not signed up to the arrangement and will charge you to reuse their figures. For the IEEE charges range from $10 if you are an IEEE member to $37.50 if you are not. The ACM currently charge $92.50.As part of our agreement with you, you are responsible for paying these charges.

The IEEE, ACM and Springer have automated the granting of permissions. We have written these guides to help you fill in their forms to get permissions from these publishers:

If you need advice on obtaining reuse permissions, please email us at author_support@theiet.org

Note that we can only advise on what to do. As the author of the chapter you are responsible for requesting permission from the publisher/copyright holder.

How we pay royalties

If we have agreed to pay you royalties for your book then when you send us your manuscript we will ask you to fill in a bank details form.

We pay your royalties every year in March, covering sales in the previous calendar year, and we will pay this to you directly to your nominated bank account. You’ll receive a statement by email, detailing how many copies of your book we sold in each format, and explaining the royalty calculation.

We are required to hold back 20% VAT by the UK tax authorities, but you can avoid this if you are not based in the UK – when you fill in the bank details form we will explain how to do this. 

Please ensure that you tell us about any changes to your contact details or bank details so that we can continue to pay you.

If you have any questions about your royalty payments or statements please email us at author_support@theiet.org.

Piracy and copyright infringement

Piracy – especially websites which offer free copies of the electronic versions of our books - is an unfortunate feature of today’s publishing landscape, and many of our authors are rightly concerned when they see this occur.  Some publishers have in the past tried to combat this using special coding called DRM, but this is easily cracked and in any case we live in an age where scanners are ubiquitous and there is little to stop people scanning a print book into an electronic format.  However although it is hard to stop people making unauthorised electronic copies of our books, it is possible to stop these files appearing on public internet sites for sharing with others, and this is the approach we have taken.

Our approach to piracy is to target the websites that host these files, and use legal forms called ‘take-down notices’ to get the files removed. We have partnered with the Publishers’ Association to actively monitor the leading sites known for hosting unauthorised files, and issue take-down notices. This is proving to be effective, with over two-thirds of the notices resulting in the piracy being removed within a few days. You can be sure that when you publish with the IET we will actively monitor and take action against piracy of your book.

Occasionally our search programs miss an instance of piracy. So if you see a copy of your book available somewhere on the internet where it is not authorised, please email us at author_support@theiet.org with the address of the website you have found, and we will take action.