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Built Environment

Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation – 3rd Edition

he 3rd Edition has been fully updated to the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations, including two completely new sections on Vehicles as Energy Storage and Integration with Smart Systems.

Guide to Highway Electrical Street Furniture

This Guide addresses the electrical safety considerations and requirements relating to all electrical street furniture that may be expected to be found within the public realm.

Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings

The Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings aims to promote good practice in the specification, design and integration of connected systems in buildings, as well as providing a reference to practitioners on design, integration practice and technological considerations working to meet key functionality and customer requirements.

Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems

This Code of Practice has been developed to provide confidence to users as a minimum standard for LED lighting systems installation, as well as to serve as a useful reference on the application of LED lighting systems.

Guide to Electrical Maintenance

This Guide provides guidance on carrying out maintenance activities and using good practice techniques. It examines the operational risks, mitigations and processes that may be used in carrying out electrical maintenance, and also provides insights and philosophies to ensure that electrical maintenance activities are not only safe but are satisfactorily planned and properly carried out.

Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings

This Code of Practice aims to ensure the safe, effective and competent application of cabling/wiring installations for low voltage d.c. power distribution in buildings.

Recommendations for Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting Systems

This authoritative and timely document has been developed by a working group of technical experts and end-users responsible for the management, specification and procurement of the exterior lighting systems market.

Code of Practice for Cyber Security in the Built Environment

This Code of Practice explains why and how cybersecurity should be considered throughout a building’s lifecycle and explains good practice, focusing on building-related systems and all connections to the wider cyber environment.

Practical considerations for d.c. installations

This Technical Briefing is intended to support the IET Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings and provides advice on the handling of d.c. circuits.