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S985 - Inquiry into investment in the railway


Inquiry into investment in the railway: IET comments to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.


Building on the Committee’s January 2013 Rail 2020 report, the inquiry scrutinises the impact and deliverability of Network Rail’s £38 billion investment programme over the next five years and identifies priorities for investment after 2019.

The IET responded to the Committee’s questions on the rail investment plan for control period 5 and noted that it meets the current challenges and political drivers the railway faces; however, at present it only aims to deliver short term results without addressing long term integration and investment issues.

The response also highlighted that there is still too much of a disconnect between infrastructure planning and rolling stock procurement. There needs to be a closer cooperation between the train operators and Network Rail.

Submission Details Submitted on 13 June 2014 to House of Commons Transport Select Committee

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