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S983 - Business-University Collaboration


Business-University Collaboration – IET comments to the Dept for Business Innovation & Skills.


The Business, Innovation and Skills select committee is seeking feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of business-university collaboration and the UK’s performance against international comparators.

The IET has responded that the Catapults represent an important addition to the UK’s infrastructure for knowledge and technology transfer to businesses.  Initial work by the Catapults is very encouraging but they need sufficient time to enable them to grow into their full role. 

The impact of Catapults will be increased where they can work with a well-developed local innovation strategy. The local LEPs and other local organisations should work to identify local innovation priorities and deliver effective means to help local innovative businesses, in particular SMEs to tap into the new infrastructure.

Submission Details Submitted on 30 April 2014 to Dept for Business Innovation & Skills

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