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S971 - Aviation capacity


Consultation on Aviation Capacity in the UK: IET comments to the UK Airports Commission.

Abstract The IET supports the suggestion that doing nothing to address the capacity constraints would not be the right approach, however more could be made of the current shortcomings in resilience to further build upon the argument for improved capacity at the largest airports.  The arguments that regional airports can take up the slack by using Middle-Eastern hubs to connect to the Asia-Pacific region is valid however, this is not going to be consistent with the objectives of carbon-emission reduction if the door-to-door passenger journey is considered as a whole.  The IET would welcome investigation on where journeys to airports can be switched from road to rail and the impact that would have for the emissions savings. The proposal to distribute demand to some destinations across a number of UK airports could see a higher number of smaller flights being needed to achieve the same degree of connectivity, and would again would run counter to the emission reduction targets. The most contentious issue of aircraft noise has been left out of the Commission’s statement.  

Submission Details Submitted on 31 October 2013 to UK Airports Commission

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