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S964 - Ofgem emerging thinking on Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation


The IET welcomes Ofgem’s efforts to harmonise the planning and delivery of transmission.  For us this is however part of a wider issue.


The IET has long advocated the need for an overall “system architect” with engineering responsibility for the integrity of the whole GB electricity system, including transmission, distribution, generation, supply and demand management.  This is entirely normal in complex engineering systems, and its absence in electricity risks perverse outcomes and potentially unstable and unpredictable behaviour.  The major changes taking place in the electricity system at present are only the beginnings of transformational changes expected in coming years, and without a systems view there are very significant risks.

In proposing a transmission system planning function, ITPR moves in the direction of a system architect and could represent a first step to this whole system approach.   However it would be unfortunate if decisions regarding ITPR made the development of a wider system architect role more difficult in the future.  Therefore further exploration is required into the best option for the entity that provides the national system architect role.

Submission Details Submitted on 02 August 2013 to Ofgem

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