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S961 - Triennial Review of the Health and Safety Executive


Based upon input received from IET Members and Fellows, and its Health and Safety Policy Panel, the IET Trustees submitted written evidence to the Department for Work and Pensions’ “Health and Safety Executive Triennial Review”. 


The evidence supported the continuance of the HSE as a Non-departmental Public Body substantially in its current form and remit.  This position was based on the belief that workforce health, safety and risk assessment requires a regulator independent of Ministers, so that it may perform a credible role of establishing the facts impartially from all bodies be they financial, managerial, law enforcement, or political.

[The IET had previously been invited to give verbal evidence to the Chairman of the Review Team – Martin Temple.  This evidence by the Head of Policy, and Chairman of the Health and Safety Policy Panel, was given on the 18th June 2013.]

Submission Details Submitted on 25 July 2013 to Department for Work and Pensions

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Keywords and Search Terms Health, Safety, Risk, Management, Non-departmental Public Body, Regulation