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S1043 - Call for evidence a smart, flexible energy system


Call for evidence a smart, flexible energy system: IET comments to OFGEM


We are concerned that a whole system, co-ordinated approach. With this CfE lacking reference to the potential interactions between the many (good) initiatives that are described, and it can be read as a series of incremental options to be selected as desired. It is our view that a much more radical restructuring of the way parties in the electricity supply chain interact will be needed, including how they are regulated. 

We do, however, welcome the recognition that the flexibility challenge requires whole system responses, which is a message that the IET has provided evidence for in a series of reports, the most recent of which is the Future Power System Architecture report of July 2016. The FPSA report is referenced briefly in the CfE and we suggest that delivering the functionality recommended by the FPSA report offers a very good test case for the plans that will be published in the spring, particularly in relation to roles and responsibilities. 

Submission Details Submitted on 12 January 2017 to OFGEM

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