Roger Jeary

Member of the Manufacturing Policy Panel

Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary retired from Unite the Union in January 2012 after 33 years’ service as a negotiating officer and Director of Research.  Previous to taking up this role in 2004, Roger had been a full-time official of the union and its predecessors for 25 years, during which time he worked mainly in Northern Ireland and the North West of England. He has represented workers in all sectors of manufacturing, financial services and in the public sector.

As Director of Research, Roger managed a department of 17 research and policy officers and provided policy advice to the union on matters ranging across the economy, employment relations, international affairs and social policy. His department was also responsible for drafting submissions and providing evidence to government on a range of political issues and made a number of submissions on manufacturing policy.

Roger originally entered the world of work in 1964 when he joined the head office of a large insurance company in London. He qualified as a Company Secretary in 1970 and subsequently obtained a degree in Industrial Relations and Labour Law.

Roger is a member of the Management Committee of the History & Policy Trade Union Forum which brings together trade unionists with professional historians and other interested groups to consider trade union issues against their historical background, exploring different perspectives on the past and the present in order to suggest new lines of policy for the future.  Roger is also a member of the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) Publications Sub Committee and writes an occasional blog for the Institute on employment and human rights.  Roger is an independent member of the ACAS Panel of Arbitrators and sits on the Advisory Panel of the Involvement & Participation Association, (IPA).