Engineering the future of communications

Communications Policy Panel House of Lords Events

The IET has held a number of events at the House of Lords to provide unbiased guidance to government and society. These meetings brought together a mix of parliamentarians, industrialists and academics to listen to views of the IET, whilst also stimulating a useful and informative discussion around the future of communications. These events have been sponsored by the Professor Lord Alec Broers.

Reference documents

Online versions of the documents produced for each of these meetings can be downloaded from the IET website.

Communications factfiles

Poster produced for the 2010 House of Lords Event

The Key Milestones in Modern Communications Technology

Improved global communications has in many respects defined the modern age more than any other ICT technology, and perhaps more than any single technology. Although this is clearly the achievement of humanity in general and a lot of dedicated engineers in particular it is worth highlighting some of the sometimes insufficiently-known individuals who have led the charge.

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