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Dyson university welcomed as engineering skills shortage continues

04 November 2016

Inventor Sir James Dyson is to open the Dyson Institute of Technology in autumn 2017 to train engineers, who are so badly needed by UK companies.

Commenting, John Perkins, Chair of the IET Education and Skills Policy Panel, said: "At a time when we must improve both the quality and quantity of our future engineers, new educational approaches to tackling this challenge, like the proposed Dyson Institute of Technology, are to be welcomed.

"The UK urgently needs more engineers. Our IET’s Skills and Demand in Industry survey tells us that 62% of UK employers are not satisfied with the practical skills of graduates from many UK universities and colleges, as these graduates struggle to apply their technical learning in a practical workplace context.

“With the difference between the skills higher education providers supply, and those that engineering employers expect, it's important that we think beyond the traditional university engineering degree route into engineering.

“We need to consider offering a range of new educational and training initiatives that focus on project-based learning – aiming to equip engineering students with the practical and problem-solving skills that today’s engineering industry requires. There is good evidence that this approach is not only more effective in developing these critical engineering skills, but also that it can appeal to a broader and more inclusive range of students, including girls or those considering engineering as a second career.”


The IET’s Work Experience For All campaign is highlighting the need for more access to work experience for young people as a way to improve the skills of would-be engineers.

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