ODA Learning Legacy - energy

The IET, in partnership with the ODA, have delivered numerous events concentrating on the theme of Engineering Sustainable Utilities on the Olympic Park. The following presentations deal with energy related presentations.

Through the Learning Legacy project, the Olympic Delivery Authority shared the knowledge, lessons learned, innovations and best practices from the construction of the Olympic Park in order to help raise standards within the sector and act as a showcase for UK plc.

The ODA Learning Legacy Programme, in partnership with the IET, delivered a series of events, concentrating on the theme of Engineering Sustainable Utilities on the Olympic Park. These open events were designed to inspire discussion on the topics addressed and the sharing of thoughts and opinions from those present.

The following deal with energy related issues.


Dismantling pylon

District energy system: procurement, planning and implementation of a community energy system for the Olympic Park

Overview of the ODA’s energy strategy

Renewable energy strategy and developing a reference design for the energy centre

The velodrome energy strategy

Photovoltaic cells

Embedding ODA's key themes in implementation of ODA's lighting strategy

Innovative lighting design over the life of the programme

Lighting strategy and design on the Olympic Park to meet the needs of the games and long term legacy

Making sure the lighting at the three main arenas reaches the demands of television broadcasting

Planning a quality broadcast sport lighting scheme, a designer perspective

Olympic park underground power lines

Achieving the sustainable targets

Designing a low carbon stadium

OPLC's vision for providing sustainable development of the Olympic Park after 2012

Strategy for sustainable development

Olympic park energy centre

Olympic Delivery Authorities' water strategy to achieve sustainable and efficient irrigation

Design of the aquatics venue for efficient water use

Challenges facing the supply of water to meet the current and future demands of the South East and London

Old Ford Water recycling facility

Olympic energy centre

The Olympic Village network design

The Olympic Park network design - the utility and energy networks design perspective

The ODA's utilities procurement and design strategy

Construction of the electrical assets and protecting them