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Offering unbiased, independent, evidence based policy advice.

By definition, the implementation of government policy has direct and indirect effects on society both immediately and into the future. Many aspects of government policy rely upon the successful application of engineering technologies and systems. Examples include the provision and development of energy and transport infrastructures. However there are many less obvious instances where the provision of services such as health, rely upon complex ICT based systems. It is therefore important that government seeks engineering input early to help them plan and implement efficient, effective public policy. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary expense, delays and perhaps even the cancellation of key policies.

The IET has a wealth of engineering expertise within its membership, covering a broad range of technologies and sectors. The Policy Department seeks to tap into this and offer it to policymakers in the UK. Unlike many organisations, the IET can offer unbiased, independent, evidence based policy advice, free from commercial or political influence. 


Government policy - submissions

The IET represents the views of its members on a wide range of professional and technological issues. 

IET members are invited and encouraged to take part in contributing to this activity from the IET. 

Consultations in progress are posted on the website and IET members may register with 'Policy Keys' to receive email notification of new consultations within their areas of interest.

Government policy

Policy Panels 

The IET operates a number of Policy Panels to ensure the quality and independence of its policy advice and comment. The IET can also propose individuals to sit on government advisory bodies.

IET Policy Panels



The IET supports joint standing committees including the Hazards Forum, the Joint Institution Group on Safety Risk and the Independent Safety Assurance Group and works closely with the other engineering institutions in the Education for Engineering and the Engineering the Future alliances.



To discuss how the IET could help you access independent engineering expertise for public policy formation please contact

Email: policy@theiet.org