IET collaboration

The engineering profession speaking with one voice on key issues relating to engineering.

The IET believes that good public policy should be based on the best, evidence based advice available. We also recognise the need to make it as easy as possible for policymakers to find the best advice and for the engineering profession to “speak with one voice” on key issues.  To this end, the IET works with a number of institutions, organisations and companies.  Collaboration can take the form of joint committees, projects and events

The IET supports joint standing committees including the Hazards Forum, the Joint Institution Group on Safety Risk and the Independent Safety Assurance Group and works closely with the other engineering institutions in the Education for Engineering and the Engineering the Future alliances.  

The IET sponsors a number of engineering related associate parliamentary groups and works with the Campaign for Science and Engineering to promote engineering in public policy.

Campaign for Science and Engineering

Education for Engineering

Engineering a future outside the EU

Engineering the Future


Hazards Forum

The Joint Institution Group on Safety Risk (JIGSR)

ISA Working Group

Electrician Competence Recognition

Electrotechnical Apprenticeship Assessment Plan - April 2015

Progressing women in STEM roles  

Supporting returners to STEM  

UK Engineering 2016: An Independent review  

UK Israel Business  

If you would like to discuss how your organisation could work with the IET on public policy issues please contact

Email: policy@theiet.org