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Fellowship of the IET is for individuals who have demonstrated sustained achievements in their profession.

Meet our Fellows

We'd like to introduce you to just a few of our recently elected Fellows to find out what Fellowship means to them and to their future career path... 

Darren Williams  

Darren Williams FIET

Darren William’s professional life has been an impressive mix of academic research, leadership in industry and volunteering for the engineering community. He says he became an IET Fellow to “benchmark” his career and “get recognition” for his achievements so far.

Dan Jackson (photo)  

Dan Jackson FIET

Dan Jackson has worked his way from apprentice electrician to company director of his own electrical contracting business, Blueserve Facilities. He’s proudest, though, of his efforts to inspire others in the industry via social media – and he believes, as an IET Fellow, he can do this with greater impact.


Adam Pantanowitz FIET  

Adam Pantanowitz FIET

Despite some challenges during his education, Adam Pantanowitz has gone on to pursue a successful and unconventional career in biomedical and electrical engineering. Recently he achieved IET Fellowship at the age of 34.

Image of Richard Hines FIET  

Richard Hines FIET

Having achieved Fellowship in his 30s, Richard Hines is proof that age is no barrier to reaching our highest category of membership. Nor do you need to have taken the university route into engineering; Richard entered the profession as an apprentice and acquired experience that counts as he progressed in his career.

Image of Faye Banks FIET  

Faye Banks FIET

Since winning Young Women Engineer of the Year (YWE) in 2004, Faye has achieved so much. Here she talks about how YWE supported her career development and her continued promotion of engineering since passing her title on.


Image of Philip Clayson FIET

Philip Clayson FIET

When approached for IET Fellowship, Philip was sceptical about having the time or necessary experience for the step up so early in his career. Nevertheless, submitting his CV for pre-assessment, he got the nod, achieving Fellowship very early in his career, in his late 30s.


Image of David Hobin FIET

David Hobin FIET

From apprentice to vice president of engineering and technology, David Hobin worked his way up the career ladder through hard work and determination. Achieving Fellow status is a personal achievement for him, although he knows it will help him in future roles.


Image of Sarah Malik FIET

Sarah Malik FIET

Having wanted to be an engineer since childhood, Sarah Malik feels she’s hit the pinnacle of her career by becoming an IET Fellow. She’s taken a leap into her first non-engineering role and now feels comfortable showing her feminine side, no longer feeling that she has to prove herself to the ‘boys’...


  Image of Matt Wilson FIET

Matt Wilson FIET

Matt Wilson’s tale is one of rags to riches – at 16 years old he had no job and £100 in his pocket – but now he is an IET Fellow and chief executive of his own highly successful business: Crosby Communications.


  Image of John Purnell FIET

John Purnell FIET

John Purnell’s entrepreneurial passion saw him rise up the ranks to director at a young age. Now an IET Fellow, he’s discovered that you don't have to be in the latter stages of your career to reach this level of prestige.


   Image of Doug Cowper FIET

Doug Cowper FIET

Fellowship supports both Doug Cowper’s consultancy work and his push to recognise the professionalism of systems engineering.


   Image of Jonathan Bird FIET

Jonathan Bird FIET

Jonathan Bird became a Fellow at the age of 38, making him one of a small group of under 50 engineers to achieve this status before turning 40.


   Image of Richard Polley FIET

Richard Polley FIET

Honoured by the recognition from his peers and the IET, Richard’s certificate of Fellowship has pride of place on his study wall.

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