Whistleblowing: resources

We have gathered together some suggested web links and introductory texts for those who would like to explore whistleblowing further.

Whistleblowing - external links

Engineering Council: Guidance on whistleblowing

GOV.UK: Whistleblowing for employees

GOV.UK: Whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies 

ACAS Whistleblowing: Public Interest Disclosure

Protect (formerly known as Public Concern at Work) 

A guide to PIDA: Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998


Whistleblowing/professional duty

Available from the IET Library - if members wish to borrow these titles they should contact the Library Desk at libdesk@theiet.org.


Martin, M., and Schinzinger, R., 2005. Ethics in Engineering. 4th edition, New York: McGraw-Hill, chapter 6;

Whitbeck, C., 1998. Ethics in Engineering Practice and Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, chapter 3.