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Professional ethics resources

Like the Royal Academy of Engineering with its engineering Ethics and Principles and most other professional bodies, we have a number of Rules of Conduct which set out the standards of behaviour expected of its members. However, a list of rules will never cover every situation that may arise, and there will always be a role for individual judgement in deciding how to apply these rules.

This section of the site is designed to help you to interpret the Rules of Conduct, and to understand the demands of professional behaviour in your own life.

Featured resources

Whistleblowing: Guidance for employers

We encourage all employers to take whistleblowing seriously and to provide clear, transparent and robust procedures to enable their employees to raise concerns. Such policies should cover all engineers and technicians, regardless of whether or not they have registered status.

Whistleblowing: Guidance for members

The Engineering Council has issued guidance on whistleblowing, which is intended to support engineers and technicians when confronted with a potential whistleblowing situation.