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Winner of IET’s Super-Realoes competition announced

Last September, the IET challenged children to devise a superhero invention that would make a positive impact on the world or people around them – and winner Harry Goodhead’s innovative ‘Multi-Function Drone’ whizzed him into first place.

As part of his prize, world-renowned astronaut – and Harry’s hero – Major Tim Peake presented Harry with a prototype of his invention in a surprise meeting.

He now joins Tim and a team of STEM pioneers as the latest member of the STEM Squad in the IET’s ‘DM Universe’ comic strip – created last year in partnership with acclaimed Marvel artists Andy Lanning and Ant Williams to help get children excited about the world of STEM.

Harry’s invention, the ‘Multi-function Drone’, brings together modern technology and spectacular design to create an exciting addition to the world of firefighting and sustainability.

Fitted with a water hose to put out flames and filter systems to clean polluted air and extract smoke from fire sites, the innovative creation wowed judges with it’s potential to revolutionise disaster responses across the globe.

Harry commented: “I haven’t stopped smiling since I found out the news - I couldn’t believe it when I met Tim Peake and he told me I’d won the competition!

Being turned into a comic book hero as part of the STEM Squad is unbelievable. After this I would now love to be an engineer or astronaut when I grow up, just like Tim, and seeing my invention in real life has made me even more excited about science and engineering.”

Children from across the country showcased their creative talents by submitting a whole host of inventions for the competition – from bio gloves that would control and grow plants, to an eco-gun that fired ‘algae bombs’ to tackle smog.

Some entries were even inspired by assistive technology including the ‘Holo Sign Watch’ that automatically converted speech into sign language using a solar powered hologram feature.

The judging panel, which included former IET President Professor Danielle George MBE, double amputee and bionics expert James Young, mechatronics engineer Dr Matt Dickinson and the comic book artists Andy Lanning and Ant Williams, awarded runner up places to ten-year-old Anna Morton with her ‘Holo Sign Watch’ and Nicolas Pereira, aged nine, with his ‘Algae patriot X6VY’ superhero suit fitted with multiple gadgets to tackle environmental damage including a solar-powered ‘smog sucker’.

Founding member of the STEM Squad and IET Honorary Fellow, Major Tim Peake, commented: “I am a huge advocate of getting young people excited about STEM so I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be part of this brilliant campaign with the IET.

Harry is such a well-deserved winner – I’m so impressed by the level of detail and innovation that went into his entry. He’ll be joining the STEM Squad comic strip but, with the aptitude he’s already shown, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him travelling into space in real-life at some point in the future!”