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We’ve refreshed our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

We first launched our EDI Strategy in 2019 to demonstrate our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and to ensure we broadened our approach to go beyond gender and include multiple diversity elements.

Since then, we have continued to progress our EDI work and strategy.

Our latest EDI strategy to 2025 reflects changes within our own organisation, the engineering and technology sector, the EDI landscape and society as a whole.

It’s important our strategy reflects the work we are doing and our EDI ambitions, therefore in this latest version we have provided clarity on who the strategy is aimed at, we have included thoughts from our Board of Trustee EDI Champions and we’ve updated our focus areas.

Most prominently we have updated our focus-areas to ensure there is a balanced and holistic view across all five areas; Disability; Gender; LGBTQ+; Race and Ethnicity; Social Mobility.

We have adopted the social model of disability and identity-first language, and we have included neurodiversity and mental health as areas within the disability umbrella.

We are continually working to develop our EDI strategy as we strengthen our commitment to and position on EDI, ensuring we demonstrate our core values and behaviours throughout, aligning it to our 2030 strategy.

We aim to focus on our global approach to ensure we are inclusive of all our members, volunteers, colleagues and the wider engineering sector.

Throughout we have updated some definitions, data and statistics to better reflect the most up to date information.

You can see all the changes and additions on our newly published EDI Strategy Spark.