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IET China host local edition of A F Harvey Prize Lecture

Following her A F Harvey Prize Lecture “Realising the untapped potentials of the terahertz spectrum”, Professor Mona Jarrahi joined IET China to give an edition to a local audience on 6 May 2022.

The event welcomed 115 zoom attendees and more than 27,000 live stream viewers.

This lecture was hosted by Doc. Jinjun Feng, FIET, the Deputy Director of the Vacuum Electronics National Laboratory.

With the theme of Realising the untapped potentials of the terahertz spectrum, the lecture video with Chinese subtitles was delivered in the first part and Professor Mona Jarrahi attended the zoom meeting to talk with the host and answer the questions from zoom attendees.

This event was live-streamed by IET China and on supporting media channels as well to help promote the influence of the Harvey award and the IET in China. 

You can watch the lecture on-demand here.

The Q&A with Professor Mona Jarrahi is also available to watch on-demand.