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Read our latest report on tackling the STEM skills shortage challenge

This guide highlights recommendations for local authorities, and central government in providing economic direction, focus and leadership to tackle the engineering skills shortage. The aim of the report is to show local authorities how they can play a leading role in facilitating regional skills demand and supply. For example, training and equipping people with the skills their region needs and examining the related challenges.

The steps in this research act as guidance for the relevant authorities to highlight the need for industry and government to adapt to the changing nature of work by focusing on training people for the jobs of tomorrow. The report highlights the relevant issues and suggests ways to tackle them as part of our mission to inspire, inform and influence the engineering community. The STEM skills shortage needs to be tackled in order to achieve economic regeneration and ensure sustainable and fulfilling employment opportunities in a post-Covid world.

There are several key areas that impact the engineering skills shortage, such as social and economic inclusion, diversity and equity as well as the education system meeting current business needs. In the full report you will find case studies and the critical role that talent development, lifelong learning and career reinvention are going to play for the future workforce.

Read the full report here.