Take part in our network that brings manufacturing digital technologies and sustainability together

Take part in our new campaign that highlights the importance of manufacturing digital technologies to reach our sustainability goals.

Digital technologies in manufacturing can; help scale-up productivity and emissions improvements in-factory; build resilience in supply chains and production in the face of global disruption, and design better products with materials that are reusable and recyclable.


Industry 4.0 brings digital technology to the manufacturing industry, but we believe that digitisation needs to happen with sustainability at its core. New digital technologies need to help manufacturers and businesses think about their energy use, water consumption, raw materials used, and waste production. This can help improve the productivity and efficiency of a factory and reduce cost and impact – making both economic and environmental sense.

Our new guide, Energy technologies for net zero, serves as a comprehensive reference to the technologies that we can use to decarbonise the UK energy system, which can shift our energy demand from fossil fuels to a low-carbon supply.

This comparative analysis of a set of seven published net zero pathways, uncovers and explains the different net zero technology options for the energy sector.

Our new initiative advocates for digital technology that not only improves efficiency but helps us reach our net zero and sustainability goals.

To do this, we are calling on manufacturers, policymakers, businesses of all sizes, educators, environmental activists, and anyone with an interest in the role of digital technology in enabling our sustainability goals.

You can:

  • Provide knowledge on digital technology productivity, resilience and sustainability.
  • Deliver support for other manufacturing and business leaders.
  • Share data and case studies that support confident decision-making.
  • Learn about new net zero digital technologies and consider the digital changes you can make.
  • Join a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the environment and the manufacturing industry’s role in tackling climate change.

To learn more and join our network, contact us at sep@theiet.org.